Saturday, February 4, 2012

An Unexpected Blessing

God placed in front of me a task I knew was going to be hard. I wanted to run. I wanted to pretend it didn't exist. Yet, He told me it was my turn. My turn to step up to the plate. I told Him, I can't do this. I don't know how.

He reminded me that I can do ALL things through Him who strengthens me. This was an "All'" thing. It involved hospitals, nurses, and doctors. And it wasn't even for me.

He gave me the strength to take it one step at a time. Traveling to and from, accompanying my dearest mother to the appointment along with my dear Sister, coming home and caring for her.

He gave me the wisdom that I needed to help her feel better, the energy to serve, and His love to comfort her.

He allowed me the blessing of sharing time with my mother, the privilege of caring for the wonderful woman who has taken care of me for so many years.

He wanted to use me as a blessing yet I was blessed as well.

Thank you for entrusting me as I am learning to be more like You...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mid-Life Melancholy

I've been having rather a rough go of it these past few days. Mr Tuneful suggested it may be mid-life.

If you are familiar with the comedian Tim Hawkins, he does a bit about Things You Don't Say to your Wife...I believe the above would be one of them.

So while Mr. Tuneful should be careful to not suggest it; I do believe there is something to this "mid-life". Crisis or not.

What is it anyway? MID-LIFE...Does it mean your life is 1/2 over? Or you aren't young or old? Is it all downhill from here? Why must we feel that we have to "name" every age of our journey?

Growing older has happened so quickly yet seemed to sneak up on me. Perhaps that is why we stop and ponder what is behind and what may lie ahead when we get to this "mid-point".

Call it reflection or a touch of melancholy it is a good time to thank God for all His blessings and to look ahead to what He still has planned for me.

Monday, May 2, 2011


I love to do puzzles.

For some it is a futile exercise but to me it is a relaxing pastime.

I think the March and April rains encouraged me to break out the puzzles. Since my kitchen remodel I have a rather large countertop which is perfect to work puzzles and leave them so others can add to the picture when they pass by.

So far we have completed a 300 piece over size Ivory Cat puzzle which all the family enjoyed. We had so much fun that I went in search of other puzzles we have that we have not attempted. I found one that looked doable. A 500 piece beautiful watercolor of two children....

Two weeks later I finally added the final piece! This was a rather difficult one due to the varying greens, grays, whites and blues! I was left alone to the task for most of the work until I began to get to the end and then I suddenly had many helpers! BUT my rule is the one who does the most work gets to place the last piece!

I get a lot of thinking done when I do puzzles. There is something satisfying about feeling that right piece fit perfectly into it's spot. And you always know when it doesn't EVEN if it looks like it should!

Hmmm...a lot like life don't you think? Someone once said we all have a missing piece that longs for God- a God-shaped space if you will. When that piece is in isn't so puzzling.

My new challenge? A Disney puzzle I picked up a couple of years straight edges. Anyone care to join me?

Mama Tunes

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adventures in Dog-Sitting Days 2-7 and a Top Ten List

Thought you might like to know we survived our dog-sitting debut. Actually it was fairly easy except for a few incidents...such as whose room the dog was going to sleep in...etc. Poor thing was in a different room every night!

At times I think Holly wished she could just go home to have some peace and quiet. KA took it upon herself to be our guest's playmate for the week. Note: Holly does not usually play dress-up.

Our children did well keeping up with her food, water and going outside. I was rather surprised at how responsible they were. Who knew?

When it came time for our little animal friend to go back home we were all kind of sad. Mr Sugartunes agreed that it was "nice to have a dog around the house". After I picked myself up off of the floor, KA said "Mommy I miss her already".

Who knows what the future holds for us regarding owning a SMALL dog? A fully trained, not a PUPPY small dog...only time will tell. Do you hear that clinking sound? My no animal armour has been completely undone by the sweetness of a pup...hmmm, maybe we could just be the regular dog-sitters and get a fix every now and then...


Number 10: When dogs give you clues they need to go out, please let them out. Don't go back to sleep. I repeat Do. Not. Wait.

Number 9: Dogs are not into "dress-up"

Number 8: If you give them table scraps they won't eat their own food.

Number 7: Don't.Ring.the. Doorbell. unless you are used to having the dog become Jr. Guardian of the family.

Number 6: They really don't like their crate.

Number 5: When you leave have them stay in it anyway.

Number 4: Lucy was on to something when Snoopy would lick her and she yelled : Dog BREATH!

Number 3: Small dogs can bark really loud.

Number 2: They love to snuggle you.

and Number 1: Dogs love you no matter what.

Signed-Mrs. Sugartunes
Future dog owner?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Adventures in Dog Sitting: Day One

I have been seriously enforcing the no pet clause in my home for 12 years now. Well...Mr. Sugartunes has...ever since I gave up my beautiful black kitty named Mink all for the sake of love....

My children have TRIED and TRIED to convince us to have a pet; but alas they have been relagated to perusing the Pet Store daydreaming of which pet they would have if they could.

I broke down about 2 years ago and allowed Sandy the Hermit Crab to come home with my son. Wanting to rejoice in the "pet" we now had we had to go to the pet store. $70.00 later including a "friend" crab for Sandy we were pet owners. Sandy lasted two months/ his friend only one.

Back to my story. Yesterday, some dear friends called and asked us if we would come over and let their dog out two times a day. For some reason I thought why not let her just stay here?

For a week we are dog-sitting. She is a gentle sweet dog who loves kids and is actually known to my kids. My kids are over the moon. They can't give her enough attention. So much so that I believe she wishes she were at her home!

Dog-sitting day one....

If you look can see the chink in my armor.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

To wheat or not to wheat, that is the question...

Have you noticed lately there is a not so secret campaign against white flour? I'm all for healthier eating like having an extra piece of fruit and possibly some wheat bread, but do you really need to mess with my pasta?

I tried some last night on my kids acting like it was totally normal "bad for you" WHITE flour pasta- (the kind my great-grandmother used for YEARS). can't fool children as my son immediately noticed the difference and pushed his plate away in disgust. Well...he usually does that with just about everything but this time I messed with his pasta! Of which he is a conniseur. He can even tell if it's NOT from the blue box...

My daughter was eating away and loving it. She just loves bow-tie pasta. And of all of us she is the most healthy eater. I added some alfredo sauce with mine and I have to say the sauce did not disguise the bland, chewier imposter of our beloved pasta.

Wheat pasta you are dead to us.

Viva la white flour!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm Baaaacckkkk....

After a two year hiatus, I've been inspired to get back to blogging! I hear some of you have been missing my special brand of humor that occurs in this blog! So hold on for some new postings! Happy Day! Mrs. T